Friday, October 9, 2015


Dearest NOXIES!

Here is my EQUINOX SCHEDULE for OCTOBER! Come play with me! :-)

Not a member of EQUINOX? NP! For each class I teach I'm able to have a comp guest. Please message me for my ‪#‎guestlist‬. :-)


(M) :
6pm / CORE / @ 17th St. CHELSEA HIGHLINE
6:30pm / METCON3 / @ 17th St. CHELSEA HIGHLINE

(T) :
7am / TABATA / @ 92nd BWAY
7pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 76th AMSTERDAM

(W) :
5:30pm / METCON 3 / @ 19th ST BWAY
6:30pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 19th ST BWAY

(TH) :
7:15am / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 17th St. CHELSEA
6pm / TABATA  / @ SOHO
7pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ SOHO

(F) :
12:15pm / Metcon 3 / @ 44th LEX

(SU) : 

Sending you positive energy, love, and light!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Mario Music Workout Mix Free Download: DIVA DJ MIXTAP 2015 VOLUME 4 - DJ AMANDA

Hey guys!

Please enjoy this VOLUME 4 edition of this AMAZING MIX from one of my FAVES DJ Amanda to give you a little bit of energy and motivation in your workouts! I hope you enjoy! :-)

Fifth Harmony - Worth It [dj Amanda Vs Razor N Guido]
omi - Cheerleader [felix Jaehn Extended]
years And Years - King [gryffin Remix]
fairchild - Stay Young [anthony Reale & Funky Junction Vocal Remix]
aiden Jude Feat. Vassy - Stadium Of Love [d-wayne Remix]
hilary Duff - Sparks [cutmore Club Mix]
giorgio Moroder Feat. Kylie Minogue - Right Here Right Now [7th Heaven Club Mix]
sam Feldt - Show E Love [quintino Remix]
jack U - Where Are U Now [kaskade Remix]
giorgio Moroder Feat. Sia - Deja Vu [felix Jaehn Remix]
lina Baraz And Galimatias - Fantasy [felix Jaehn Remix]
john Galea - I Am A Survivor [jrmx Extended Club Mix]
goldhouse - When I Come Home [liam Keegan Remix]
alesso Feat Sirena - Sweet Escape [pep & Rash Remix]
sigma Feat. Ella Henderson - Glitterball [hollaphonic Club Mix]
tolein - The Promise [bimbo Jones Club Mix]
feder - Goodbye [syn Cole Remix]
kc & The Sunshine Band - I Love You More [ralph Club Mix]
jeremih - Tonight Belongs To U! [afrojack Remix]
conchita Wurst - You Are Unstoppable [guy Schieman Remix]
zedd Feat. John Bellion - Beautiful Now [dirty South Remix
avicii - Waiting For Love [sam Feldt Remix]
little Mix - Black Magic [cahill Club Mix]
andy Grammer - Honey I'm Good [jump Smokers Remix]
luigi Masi - Talkin To A Boss [guy Scheiman Remix]

Sending you positive energy, love, and light! :-)

Mario Godiva

Monday, September 7, 2015


Dearest NOXIES!

Here is my EQUINOX SCHEDULE for SEPTEMBER! Come play with me! :-)

Not a member of EQUINOX? NP! Direct message me for my ‪#‎guestlist‬.


(M) :
6:30am / WERK & RIDE™ / @ TRIBECA
7:30am / METCON3 / @ TRIBECA
6pm / CORE / @ 17th St. CHELSEA HIGHLINE
6:30pm / METCON3 / @ 17th St. CHELSEA HIGHLINE

(T) :
7am / TABATA / @ 92nd BWAY
7pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 76th AMSTERDAM

(W) :
5:30pm / METCON 3 / @ 19th ST BWAY
6:30pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 19th ST BWAY

(TH) :
7:15am / WERK & RIDE™ / @ 17th St. CHELSEA
6pm / TABATA  / @ SOHO
7pm / WERK & RIDE™ / @ SOHO

(F) :
7:15am / WERK & RIDE™ / @ ROCK CENTER
12:15pm / Metcon 3 / @ 44th LEX

(SU) : 

Sending you positive energy, love, and light!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Intermittent Fasting For the Fit and Active Person


MY PROTOCOL: 8 hours feed/16 hours fast
MY FREQUENCY: 5 to 6 days a week with at least one "off" day
MY FEED MEALS: 3 to 4 big meals and generally 1 to 2 protein shakes a day during my 8 hour feed
MY FAST PERIOD: Green Tea or Coffee (no sugar) to curb any hunger

SHAKEOLOGY for maximum nutrient absorption
CELLUCOR ALPHA AMINO PRE/INTRA/POST workout while fasting to preserve, repair, and build muscle fast
CELLUCOR C4 pre-workout to maximize my resistance training workouts

I'm a fitness expert who has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years and my overall methodology is that various training methods, protocols, and nutrition strategies are a variety of unique tools that should be utilized appropriately based on a person's short or long term personal fitness goals. There is no right ONE way to become the best and most fit version of yourself, you need to strategize and use SEVERAL ways interchangeably. I'm a recent Stage 4 cancer survivor and have become the most fit, strongest, and healthiest I have ever been in life. Plus my body fat is the lowest it's ever been in my life. Want to see what I look like now? Go to my FACEBOOK.

The ultimate game changer for me was trying intermittent fasting (IF). When I first heard of IF my initial thought was "Oh so you basically don't eat." That's not true. You can eat ALOT actually, you just have to eat within a certain time period. IF challenges most direct assumptions about nutrition and for me and my clients produced the most direct results in fat loss and muscle growth. 

There are a variety of IF protocols and based on extensive research, trial and error on myself and many of my clients, I have developed the "GODIVA IF" protocol with specific guidelines tailored to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and resistance strength trainers. Certain variables can change depending on goals, gender, age, body fat and activity levels, but this base program is for people of any fitness level who want to lose that hard subcutaneous fat, build lean, dense, and strong muscle, and basically look better naked. I’m going to easily break down intermittent fasting, the GODIVA IF protocol, and everything that goes with it. If you’d like even more ideas for living a healthy life (both mentally and physically) then you can join my newsletter or contact me for a personalized GODIVA IF program.

THE BENEFITS OF IF (With links to scientific studies)

IF is alternating between periods of not eating (fast state) with times you are allowed to eat (feed state). It's one of the easiest scientifically proven ways that you can lose fat without changing what you eat, how much you eat, and how often you exercise. You can take the bad weight off while keeping the good weight on. It's not a "diet", but a diet schedule and a way of eating. A nutritional lifestyle that will allow you to reach your goals in an efficient and convenient manner, and then hold onto your physique once you achieve them. It's simple enough that you will actually do it, but meaningful enough that it will actually make a difference fast. 

IF improves energy levels, mood, digestion, and serves as a natural detox. It also recovers the optimal balance of specific hormones, and eventually, the entire hormonal system helping you to lose excess body fat, increase flexibility, and hasten recovery. The GODIVA IF protocol is specifically tailored to fit and active people who want to better preserve muscle and build it more efficiently.

People who practice IF eat less frequently, feel hungry less often, and are more full when they do eat. By eating fewer meals you are taking in fewer calories, and by restricting calories, you’re forcing the body to look elsewhere than the gut for energy. This encourages cellular repair and the body utilizing stored fat directly as fuel. A cell will turn to its own damaged proteins for energy. While that cycle would be bad in the long term, you’re only fasting for “brief” periods. When you eat again the cell will use the new cell-stuff to replace the old cell-stuff that’s been consumed. This helps slow down and prevent both disease and aging. Fasting paired with exercise (a program progression) greatly improves insulin sensitivity and this stimulates hormonal benefits like (but not limited to) increased growth hormone secretion (GH). Increased GH with a steady decrease in insulin is a one-two punch on hard to reach fat that leads to rapid improved body composition.

As soon as we start eating our body goes into a "fed state" that lasts 3 to 5 hours after we eat. In a fed state, the body uses insulin to bring glucose into cells to make energy. As the body digests and absorbs food, it's hard for your body to burn fat when you are in a fed state because insulin levels are high. After fed state you enter what is called the "post-absorptive" state, where your body isn't processing a meal and it normally lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 hours after your last meal. After the post-absorptive state you enter the "fast state" and when food is absent, your body's level of blood glucose decreases making it much easier for your body to burn fat because insulin levels are low. In "fast state" your body can now burn fat that was inaccessible in the "fed state". We normally don't reach the "fast state" until 12 hours after our last meal, so our bodies are rarely in this direct fat burning state. We all generally do some sort of "fasting" randomly, but not on a consistent and scheduled basis where it actually is optimally benefiting our health. 

This is where the GODIVA IF protocol makes some refinements to IF. During short periods of extremely low calorie intake we get increased fat burn as well as an increased rate of protein breakdown. Your body can eat your muscle if not properly supported. The GODIVA IF protocol not only preserves the muscle that you have, but increases protein synthesis helping you BUILD more muscle and becoming STRONGER than you ever imagined! I utilize SHAKEOLOGY every day to make sure that I get all the natural vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods my body needs to run at it's best and I take ALPHA AMINO PRE/INTRA/POST workout to make sure i'm preserving, repairing, and building muscle while I'm in fast state. I still eat clean but these two supplements support me getting optimal results.

Most "diets" fail not because we switch to the wrong foods, but because we don't follow the "diet" over the long term. It's a nutrition and behavior change problem. IF is easy to implement once you get it out of your brain that you need to "eat all the time", you DON'T! Here is a scientific study that shows subjects adapted quickly to an intermittent fasting routine. It might at first seem difficult to think about, but it's really easy to do. You don't have to worry about what and where to eat for one or two meals out of the day, it's actually pretty liberating. Once you start you will be surprised by how easy it actually is. It's so easy that it's worth trying and you get so many health benefits without having to do a big lifestyle change. 

Growth Hormone (GH) is produced by the pituitary gland and helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism. Our body releases GH pretty consistently, but research has shown increased secretion of growth hormone in three specific times:

  1. During/immediately after sleep
  2. After exercise (as little as 10 minutes)
  3. During and immediately after a fast
The more GH you produce, the faster you can lose fat and gain muscle. GH also tends to offset the effects of cortisol (stress) which relates to belly fat storage and helps you lose belly fat at least indirectly. If you produce a lot of GH while sleeping, and you produce it while fasting, the obvious way to combine these is to continue fasting after you wake, allowing for prolonged GH secretion and from there, exercise will allow for increased production in addition to your prolonged GH secretion giving you the best results.

The GODIVA IF protocol is a more refined fusion of IF protocols and guidelines tailored to fit and active people who want to get strong, lean, and aesthetically pleasing physiques. While most fasting is effective mainly because it prevents you from eating, the GODIVA IF protocol is really about stimulating, maximizing, and regulating your hormones paired with nutrient timing/exercise to maximize muscle growth while accelerating fat loss. This style of IF is best for SERIOUS people, those who are already lean, and the fitness-oriented. You will get the BEST results using this protocol if you exercise and resistance train consistently (3 - 5 times a week). However, you will still get GOOD results just starting with the protocol and then layering on exercise and training later. 

PROTOCOL: 8 hours feed/16 hours fast
9am - 5pm, 10am - 6pm, 11am - 7pm, *12pm - 8pm* (MY FEEDING WINDOW) ETC

It doesn't matter when you start your 8-hour feed window. You can start at 8am and stop at 4pm or start at 2pm and stop at 10pm. Do whatever works for you. Just keep it consistent and obtainable with your personal lifestyle. Mine is 12pm - 8pm daily. Sometimes I will slide the window back or forward an hour or two. Due to the hormonal entrainment of meal patterns, the more consistent you are with your feed window, the more your body accurately learns when to expect food and appetite hormones and metabolism match accordingly. We tend to get hungry when we're used to eating and maintaining a regular pattern makes staying on track with this protocol easier.

Whole and unprocessed foods should always take priority over processed or liquid foods, unless you absolutely have to compromise. If you are tight on time having a protein shake or meal replacement bar is ok, but solid and more satiating foods should be consumed whenever you can cook. Eat CLEAN. Non-gmo, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no hormones, all natural, or organic. My daily multi-vitamin, probiotic, and superfood supplement is SHAKEOLOGY.

 Protein and carbs are prioritized over fat. I break my fast with protein, veggies, and fruit. I generally do anywhere between 3 to 4 big meals and 1 to 2 protein shakes. What I've noticed is that I'm definitely able to retain a lot more food. For the feed you can eat as much or as little as you want as long as you keep it within this window. Keep in mind the less you eat the more intense the hunger will be (really only the first week or two) when you are fasting. In the last meal of the day, include a slow digesting protein source like egg protein, cottage cheese (or any other source of casein based protein). Meat or fish is also ok if you add veggies or supplement with fiber. This meal will keep you full during the fast and have an anti-catabolic effect on muscle protein stores by ensuring that your body has an ample supply of amino acids until the next meal.

Eat less calories than on workout days. Cut carb intake and have meat, fibrous veggies, and fruit as the base for these days. The first meal of the day should be the largest, in contrast to workout days where the post-workout meal is the largest. Largest doesn’t necessarily mean largest in terms of volume; I suggest getting at least 40% of your calorie intake in this meal, and the dominant macronutrient should be protein. Fattier meat and fish like ground beef and salmon are examples of some excellent protein sources that may be consumed on rest days.

Eat whatever you want. :-)

8pm - 12pm the next day (MY FASTING WINDOW), 9pm - 1pm, ETC

It doesn't matter when your fast window is, just keep it consistent and obtainable with your personal lifestyle. Keep in mind that as soon as you put sugar or any kind of carbs (with the exception of micro trace amounts) you BREAK your FAST. When I'm fasting I drink plenty of water, ALPHA AMINO (they have electrolytes too), green tea, or coffee with no NO SUGAR. That's it. NO EXCEPTIONS. The goal is to get to 16 hours of fasting. 16 hours of fasting with your insulin low means your body has spent at least 4 hours burning FAT directly! I recommend ALPHA AMINO because they are BCAAs with 0 grams of carbs.

As with anything, the MORE you do something the BETTER and FASTER your results. The great thing about IF is that you can still get fast results doing minimal work as long as you are strictly sticking to the feed/fast schedule. I recommend and do 5 to 6 days a week of GODIVA IF and normally have 1 OFF day (Or the weekend).

Training while fasting is a layered progression that you should do once you have done a good 1 to 2 months of consistent GODIVA IF. Strangely some of my strongest workouts happen when I'm fasting. Always train in fast state taking 5 - 10 grams of ALPHA AMINO BCAAs 15 - 30 minutes before your workout, 5 - 10 grams ALPHA AMINO BCAAs INTRA workout, and 5 - 10 grams ALPHA AMINO BCAAs POST workout while in fast state. I use Cellucor's ALPHA AMINO BCAAs because they have 14 amino acids, a proprietary blend with 3 times the amount of Leucine, electrolytes, and is 0 carbs. Taking ALPHA AMINO BCAAs pre-workout has a stimulation effect on protein synthesis and metabolism and is vital to optimizing results. What is CRITICAL for MAXIMUM muscle growth and repair is the PRE/INTRA/POST timing of ALPHA AMINO BCAAs

If you want more of a personalized fast, feed, and nutrition plan, CONTACT ME directly for rates.


* Drink plenty of water. Staying well hydrated will make the fasting periods much easier to get through.

* Meal frequency during the feed phase is irrelevant. Obviously the cleaner you eat the faster your results. 

* Fast overnight. Aim to have the middle of your fast be through the night, so that you’re sleeping during at least eight of the hours you are in fast state.

* Rewire your thinking. Think of fasting as taking a break from eating. Keeping this mindset will help you follow the fast long term. Also keep in mind that you can always take a week or two off and then start back up again. Just make sure that you START again. :-)

* The first two weeks are always rough. You are literally training your body and hormones to use fat directly as a fuel source. After the first two weeks it WILL get easier and you won't be looking at the clock and running to your first meal that breaks the fast.

* ABSOLUTELY NO CALORIES are to be ingested when you are in fast state. Coffee, green tea, or ALPHA AMINO BCAAs only. If you need to progress to the full 16 hour fast window then do so. e.g. 12 hour fast window week 1, 14 hour fast window week 2, 16 hour fast window week 3 etc.

* In order to maximize your exercise performance, it's best to train immediately prior to breaking your daily fast. This will help to optimize recovery, protein synthesis, and replenish energy stores.

* You will surprisingly have a lot of energy while you are fasting and use it as a time to be productive and get things done to keep your mind off of food.

* Calorie intake is highest on training days and on rest days carbs are lower and fat is higher. Protein is always high.

If you trying this out let me know how it goes and tag me on social media! @mariogodiva #godivaIF #godivaFF

GOOD LUCK and let me know on FACEBOOK how you are doing and if you have any questions! :-) If this helps you, please SHARE!

Sending you positive energy, love, and light!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mario Music Workout Mix Free Download: CLUB BEATS 5 - DJ Taylor Cruz

Hey guys!

Please enjoy this CLUB BEATS 5 edition of this AMAZING MIX from my FAVE DJ Taylor Cruz to give you a little bit of energy and motivation in your workouts! I hope you enjoy! :-)

01 Kygo - Stole the show
02 John Newman - Come and get it
03 Icona Pop - Emergency
04 Armand Van Helden vs Sleepy Tom - I want your soul
05 Silento - Watch me
06 Fifth Harmony - Worth it
07 Tinie Tempah - Not letting go ft. Jess Glynne
08 Wiz Khalifa - See you again
09 Firebeatz - Invincible
10 Showtek - Satisfied ft. Vassy

Sending you positive energy, love, and light! :-)

Mario Godiva

Mario Music Workout Mix Free Download: CLUB BEATS 4 - DJ Taylor Cruz

Hey guys!

Please enjoy this CLUB BEATS 4 edition of this AMAZING MIX from my FAVE DJ Taylor Cruz to give you a little bit of energy and motivation in your workouts! I hope you enjoy! :-)

01 Rihanna - Bitch better have my money
02 Robin Schulz - Headlights ft. Ilsey
03 Madonna - Bitch I'm Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj
04 SNBRN - California
05 Feder - Goodbye ft. Lyse
06 Lost Frequencies - Are you with me
07 twoloud - Move
08 Jason Derulo - Want to want me
09 Calvin Harris - Pray to god ft. HAIM
10 Giorgio Moroder - Déjà-vu ft. Sia
11 Ummet Ozcan - Los3 control
12 Jack Ü - Where are Ü now ft. Justin Bieber

Sending you positive energy, love, and light! :-)

Mario Godiva

Mario Music Workout Mix Free Download: CLUB BEATS 3 - DJ Taylor Cruz

Hey guys!

Please enjoy this CLUB BEATS 3 edition of this AMAZING MIX from my FAVE DJ Taylor Cruz to give you a little bit of energy and motivation in your workouts! I hope you enjoy! :-)

01 Alex Adair - Make me feel better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)
02 Clean Bandit - Real love ft. Jess Glynne (Dave Winnel Remix)
03 Philip George - Wish you were mine (Mandal & Forbes Remix)
04 O.T. Genasis - CoCo (Mike Candys Remix)
05 Major Lazer - Lean on (Averez Remix)
06 Felix - Don't you want me (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 2K14 Remix)
07 Zedd - I want you to know ft. Selena Gomez (Extended MIx)
08 Tiesto - Secrets ft. Vassy (Original Mix)
09 David Guetta - Hey Mama ft. Nicki Minaj (DJ Noodles Club Mix)
10 Maroon 5 - Sugar (Jasper Dietze Remix)
11 Tovo Lo - Talking body (KREAM Remix)
12 Years & Years - King (The Magician Remix)

Sending you positive energy, love, and light! :-)

Mario Godiva